Project Smile

Alicia over at A Beautiful Mess is the host of Project Smile. The idea is to link up one's post which contains all the things that made one smile during the preceding month. That's it. I love its simplicity. It is a wonderful idea to always remember to take the time to reflect upon the simple things that make one smile. 

I bitch a lot but I smile even more. Here is what made me smile:

Pumpkin coffee at Dunkin Donuts. I love it so much it is pathetic. I don't know what the hell is in it but I could not care less. It is delicious!

My son dressed up in his Halloween costume. He absolutely loved being a spider.

Apples. My husband commissioned several apple crisps and I happily obliged. I made three of them in October and each one was more wonderful than the last. I had no idea apples could be so fabulous.

Eastbound and Down. This show is on HBO and is completely inappropriately hilarious. I am so happy that it is back on.

My twitter friends. My last maternity leave was great because my sister was staying with me and keeping me company while helping out with P. However this time I was alone for most of my leave. My twitter friends kept me company and provided countless hours of entertainment.

My daughter. She smiles at me and that makes me smile every single time.

What made you smile?