Remember when I declared winter over? Look. Snow.

So I mentioned here and here how I was just certain that winter was over. Well, I was wrong. It snowed this week. I don't think I've ever seen snow this late in April before and I'm a lifelong New Englander. It's awful. I seriously hate it. It messes with my head. There are daffodils everywhere, trees blooming, and birds singing yet snow is falling. As I stand in my kitchen cooking I feel a horrible cold draft through the window, look outside and see sunshine, and then glance at the clock and it is past 8:00 pm.. Dreadful. BUT this has to be it. IT HAS TO. May begins next week and after a horrible bone chilling forecast for the next four days I see some 60 degree days.

Please, no more snow. At least the kids liked it : )

The Leap into Spring Photo Challenge theme this week is Rain/Water.

I've got snow. That sort of counts.






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<p>The kids had fun though!</p><br /><br /><br /><br />
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I finally took my new 35mm lens out of my camera bag & used it. What do you think?

*Edited to add: We are getting more snow today*