Same old.

Just another Tuesday. Laundry. 45 minutes in the swing x 2. I got a decent workout pushing two toddlers nonstop. It was a little chilly out so Cameron asked to wear her hat. So I switched my mode to Aperture Priority since the Lensbaby is manual focus and I needed one less thing to fiddle with. It's crazy how long it's been. I know it makes sense to sometimes use AP versus shooting in manual but I just can't bring myself to do it usually.

Control freak? Anyway it's hard enough getting an in focus shot of a child on a swing let alone while manually adjusting settings and focus.

AP did a decent job here. ISO 3200 though? Alrighty then. Still loving this lens. I've already got my eye on somce LensBaby accessories.


Canon Rebel T3 | Lensbaby Compser Pro with Sweet 35 Optic | ISO 3200 | f 2.5 | 1/00 Cloudy White balance