Shopping Spree at the Farmers' Market

My husband flew in from California late Friday night and I decided to be kind and let him sleep in on Saturday morning. We made it to the market later than we usually do but we had a great time as usual and in addition I found a lot more to purchase than I usually do. 
We always buy Vermont maple syrup (obviously) but usually at one of the local grocers. This week we decided to pick some up at the Farmers' Market. This syrup is delicious! We bought the Vermont Fancy variety. I love it and the packaging is cute as well. On Sunday morning my husband made Chai French Toast with Strawberries and served this syrup alongside it. It was fabulous. 
This is our new household maple syrup. It is sad how seriously we take maple syrup in this household.
One of my July goals is to try a new vegetable. I have had peas before but never fresh English Peas. These are so good. Even the baby was gobbling them up. I have not yet decided what I will make with them but they taste fine on their own and are an awesome snack. 
BEETS! Also part of my July vegetable goal. I am attempting to use these in a Beet Carpaccio recipe I found on Epicurious. I have never eaten fresh beets and my hopes are high for these three guys. 

Currently we have two white mega orchids in the house. Aside from that we are lacking in the greenery (and color) department. Last week my in-laws brought us some beautiful flowers from their garden in this little vase. They died and I missed having fresh flowers so I picked some out at the market. 
I love these. They are simple, colorful & beautiful. 
We bought other things too but I'm pretty sure it was all consumed before we made it home :O)