Sick of Sippy Cups. My EIO Kids Cup Review.

I've been working on this review for a few months. That may seem excessive but I have a good reason. When I was contacted by EIO to review this cup I was really excited. The timing was perfect. Pweezy seemed ready to give up sippy cups and I was ready to give up washing them. Seriously is there anything worse? Those valves? Ugh.

EIO Kids Cup

Pweezy was pretty excited about his new cup. He likes glass and loved the sleeve. He sat down, took a sip, and disaster struck. Pweezy made a mess with his water and was furious. He hates being wet, dirty, or sticky and was really annoyed. I tweeted about my experience and Kathy of EIO suggested I guide him to show him how to slowly raise and lower the cup. It was a great suggestion and did the trick at first but Pweezy grew frustrated so I backed off.

I took a break from the cup transition and then the holidays came around and time just flew on by. Anyway, I pulled the cup out of the cupboard again and Cmoney grabbed it from my hands. She loves it! She uses it with absolutely no issues at all. She spills on occasion but it doesn't bother her. She loves to make a mess. Success. Pweezy on the other hand is still a little gun shy with the cup because he is afraid to spill it. He isn't completely against the cup. If the stars are perfectly aligned and he is in a good mood he will use the cup with no hesitation but if he isn't feeling it he will only use the cup with a straw. I am okay with that. He is still a little guy and there is plenty of time for him to make the switch.

I do wonder whether the fact that Pweezy drank from bottles has anything to do with his love of sipppy cups. Cmoney never used a bottle and is perfectly fine with regular cups and isn't too into sippys. The moral of my story is all kids are different (duh), the EIO cup may not be the perfect solution for every child but if it isn't it is easily adaptable. Add a straw and you're good to go. I love that they are BPA free, don't need valves, are stylish and cute, and eco-friendly.

A few other cool things to consider are that the sleeves are made of silicone which means your child can easily grip the cup. Also this material doesn't react with liquids or promote bacteria or fungus growth. Those are huge concerns especially if your kid is bringing cups to daycare or playgroup. The sleeve is dishwasher safe too. The cap will screw on to any glass canning jar and if you're like me you have a trillion of those lying around. The caps also promote healthy dental and speech development.

I'm a fan and am ordering more. These are carried in a bunch of Vermont stores (one of the many things that makes Vermont awesome is the abundance of green products for kids) but you can find them online as well. Check out the EIO website to find the closets retail center if you'd like to check them out in person.

Veronica recommended & Cmoney approved.

EIO Kids Cup 2

*Disclosure: I was sent an EIO cup to review. The opinions expressed above were not influenced by this, are my own, and honest. See the pictures? Happy baby. : ) *