Spring Break. Mom Gone Wild.

Okay I haven't gone wild but I have been having tons of fun. My husband's spring break began last Thursday afternoon and since then we have attended a parade, had a photo shoot/play date with fellow ClickinMom and ridiculously talented professional photographer Amanda McCulloch, visited parks, gone shopping, taken long bike rides with the kids, and more. We are enjoying this (slightly disturbing) warm summer like weather and spending as much time outside as possible. It has been wonderful and exhausting but mostly wonderful. Night time is a slightly different story. We are attempting to night wean Cameron. She isn't a huge fan of that or sleeping in her own bed but our dentist warned us that if we let her nurse on demand all night long her teeth might start to suffer. I don't want to risk that and I really need some sleep. I am barely functioning at this point and something has to give. We are dedicating a lot of time this week to helping her fall asleep on her own, making it through the night without nursing, and keeping Preston in his room as well. He sometimes sneaks into our bed in the middle of the night and that is definitely not helping us either.

Let's not even get into the halfhearted potty training I am also attempting at the same time. Tired isn't the word.

It is another gorgeous day and spring break doesn't last forever. We are packing up the car, running some errands, and hitting up some bike trails with the kids.

Below are some funny outtakes from Saturday's photo shoot. I can't wait to share some of Amanda's pictures with you. She did an incredible job.

Have a great Monday.