Steppin' Out with Ravenous Creatures

A few weeks ago (why does it seem like so much longer than that) I announced my Blogher '11 fashion sponsor Ravenous Creatures. Due to some delays in shipping (some things take forever to reach me here in Ithaca and I have no idea why) and Blogher craziness I did not get to show off my new vintage fashions as much as I wanted to.

I thought participating in Harper's Happenings' Steppin' Out Saturday for the first time would be a great way to showcase one of the lovely vintage and hand curated dresses my friends at Ravenous Creatures sent me.

The dress fits me (almost) perfectly. The chest area *juuuust* fit. I was wandering around with my camera dangling from my neck and noticed that the strap had managed to work off the top two buttons. Huge oops. I found a safety-pin in my purse and all was well.

The dress is however one of the most comfortable that I own. My favorite thing about it is it's versatility. I can wear it to church, grab a quick lunch, and then throw on some flats and take the kids for a walk. Classic, simple, and flattering which is exactly the style I was after. It wasn't perfect for a very hot day but Fall is around the corner. I can't wait to pair it with a thin (cashmere? merino wool?) cardigan and a Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte the size of my head.

Saturday is a special day for our family. My husband had most of the day off from school activities which meant I got to do whatever I wanted. My wants were simple. I wanted a spiedie and we went to the Spiedie and Rib Pit in Binghamton while the kids napped in their car seats. We finished the afternoon off with some Starbucks. My husband then needed to meet with some classmates for a case presentation they have due early next week so I was on my own with the kiddos.

It was hot. Very hot. We hung out indoors most of the day. The kids pulled a dozen eggs out of the refrigerator and made the world's largest mess. I needed to mop anyway : )

It was a typical but fun Saturday with my family.

ravenous creatures dressravenous creatures dress ii

ravenous creatures dress iii

  • Dress: Ravenous Creatures
  • Belt: Ravenous Creatures
  • Shoes: Aldo
  • Glasses: Gucci
  • Headband: It belongs to the Cmoney. I think its from BabyGap.

Do you love the dress? Keep an eye on the blog because later this week I will be posting an exclusive giveaway. Just for you guys.

Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your weekend.

*Ravenous Creatures provided me with a dress but this does not influence my honest opinion. Besides you can see the pictures. Isn't the dress pretty?*