Stream of Consciousness Sunday: My Husband

I have a few hours to myself this morning (it's pretty amazing even if I spent most of it cleaning - ahh the silence) so I'm catching up on blog reading and writing. Thought it'd be fun to link up with Jana's Thinking Place for Stream of Consciousness Sunday. SOC is a great way to empty your mind, exercise your free writing skills, and meet some great bloggers. I  recommend giving it a shot. Set a timer. Write for five minutes. No editing. Add the Stream of Consciousness badge. Publish. Link up. Check out the other SOC posts. Easy and entertaining.

This week's optional prompt is:  Who has dropped into your life and made it better?

Here goes.


I can't think of anyone who has made my life better than my husband has. We met almost five years ago in Pittsburgh at an event for prospective MBAs at Carnegie Mellons Tepper School of Business. I missed my flight and almost didnt attend. I walked in late. The first face I saw was his.

I thought to myself "Awesome, I'm the oldest person here. Look at this friggen kid!"

As I sat with three plates of food in front of me he appraoched my table. Said he wanted to meet new people. Suuuure you did. Thought you'd start with me eh? :)

That's prrtty much how it started. SInce then we got married, had two beautiful kids, moved out of Vermont, left our formeer careers and started over in Ithaca - kind of - I guess we really start over once we leave here.

I don't write about him much. Not because he isnt' the most wonderful person in my life but because we're kind of private like that. We didn't even have a public wedding ceremony.

He's phenomenal. He's made me happy in ways I never thought I could be. On the most difficuly days of my life I go to sleep with a smile on my face because of him. He gave me the two best gifts in the world. He spoils me and he's just plain fun to be around.

No one is perfect. I've thought about killing him. Well not killing but well you see he's really tall and heacy and I would miss him so.

He's wonderful. My life has been a complete joy since the day we met. It hasb't been without its challenges and there has been sacrifice and tears but it never stops paying off. My family is my reward. I've never been happier.

WHEW! A bit of a hot mess there but I did it! Your turn.