Sunday Lazy Sunday

Sundays are my favorite day of the week. Usually. I am still adjusting to not having my husband around for most of our Sundays. He has a lot of catching up to do with his school work and a case competition to prepare for. He is leaving at the end of this week and headed to NYC for the competition and his sister's wedding. He won't be gone long and I am used to being alone with the kids but I keep wondering when our pace of life will slow down a bit. I know that day isn't far away but the constant whirlwind of business school life is tiring. Sometimes I am so overwhelmed I don't check the family calendar. It stresses me out to see all the color coded meetings, classes, excursions, and deadlines.

Our short, crazy trip to Indianapolis was a success. Pweezy missed us but had a wonderful time with his grandparents. I'll tell you more about Indy & this past weekend later : )

The grandparents have returned home, daddy is spending the day at school, and I am taking advantage of nap time to get reacquainted with ye olde internet.

I read this and it made me so happy it brought a tear to my eye. These are making my mouth water. I need to make them soon. This photography critique post helped me a ton. As someone that requests critiques regularly it is important that I learn to provide them as well. Don't forget to check out this giveaway.

Today I plan on bundling up the kids, going for a walk, cleaning my kitchen, watching some Halloween cartoons, and patiently waiting for my husband to come home. I am crazy excited about trick or treating with the kids for the first time tomorrow. Pweezy and Cmoney have participated in several Halloween related activities at Cornell during the past few weeks. They are pretty amped up for tomorrow. Pweezy alternates between being a ghost and superman. Here is a preview of my little superman.

 little superman

Have a happy Sunday. What are you up to today?