Sunshine & Pretty Things

Hopefully by now you've checked ou the Leap Into Spring Photo Challenge. I am loving the entries. It seems that spring has similar effects on all photographers. More inspiration, sunshine, and flowery subjects. It's great. We have another cold stretch on the forecast for this weekend (of course, just has to be the weekend) but I am super hopeful that this is it. IT HAS TO BE! But I've said that before. A fellow Cornell mom once complimented me on my ability to make student housing look pretty through my photography. It's one of my favorite compliments to date (ya, that's right I am a compliment hound. What of it?). It isn't awful here. Not at all. It's clean (except for those damn garbage scofflaws I'm on the lookout for), quiet (mostly. I'm pretty loud and you hear the occasional screaming child --->;my screaming child), and the landscaping is pretty.

There are a handful of playgrounds the kids and I can often be found hanging out at. While the kids chase each other and play soccer I usually take a few minutes to shoot the pretty trees. They've been bare so long I can hardly believe how lovely they are.





leap into spring 6