Taking my blogging show on the road.

blogher twetingI am going to BlogHer. Are you? Do you care? Do you know what it is? If not then click here and make sure to come back :) I love San Diego. I first visited three years ago back when my husband (then boyfriend) and I were childless and care free. We had the best time ever. I am really excited to return but I am anxious about a lot of things.

Veronica's Blogher freak out list:

I have never been away from Pweezy for any reason other than work and to give birth to Cmoney. Three days is a long time without my pumpkin.

I am afraid that the TSA will grope me or my child and then I will end up in jail and probably on TV looking like Nick Nolte's mug shot.


I hate flying with a passion that I cannot accurately convey. I just can't.

My husband won't be around to ... I don't know. He just won't be there and that means I have to carry all my own stuff. He won't be there to calm me down when I start screaming like a banshee during some turbulence.

My mother is coming which is fantastic. She plans on watching Miss Cmoney but what if she won't take a sippy or bottle? She hasn't yet. That means no parties for mommy which is fine since I am used to it but it would be a shame.

This is my last hurrah for two years since I am on MBA lockdown supporting my husband. I would love to have a good time with some adult beverages but to be honest I had one mojito last night and I might quit drinking forever. WHO gets tipsy and hot and sleepy from one mojito? Me. That's who. Lame.

While I do have the petty reservations listed above there is so much that I am looking forward to such as finally meeting some of the most intelligent, fun, and creative women in the blogosphere.

The best part is that my roommate is Joanna of Baby Gator's Den. She is my soul mate because she has the ability to be as horrified with the petty inconsequential as I am. It is an essential quality if one wants to be my friend. She is beautiful, funny, and sweet and my mother likes her so it is a match made in heaven.

I have never been to a blogging conference and am not sure what to expect. I look forward to networking and learning. It is as simple as that. Oh and having a good time if my little (22 pound) marshmallow cooperates.

I won't be one of those annoying bloggers that talks about nothing but Blogher in the weeks preceding and after the conference. I promise.

Are you going to Blogher? Why or why not? Would you like a post Blogher wrap up post? Updates. Let me know. I am really curious as to how many of you are interested.