Teaching My Toddler About Feelings with BabbaBox

I've blogged about BabbaCo. before and my love affair with Babba Boxes has not ended. I love them and have not stepped foot in a craft store since my last review. I am super lucky to be working with them again. I'm very passionate about this brand for a few reasons:

  • Founder: Jessica Kim. Fellow mom, entrepreneur, and all around brilliant business woman. She has paired two of my favorite things successfully: fun subscription services & a creative mom owned business.
  • Money & Time: I know the day will come when I want to complete a non Babba craft with the kids and will need to visit a craft store again but it hasn't happened yet. The boxes last a while and I no longer feel the need to make a weekly run for googley eyes and paste for who knows what crazy rainy day scheme I have planned. Also a lot of the supplies are reusable which is fantastic.
    • We barely have time to food shop. I do not want to add another second of shopping with toddlers to my life. Eliminating my regular craft store visits has saved me time and that is a very good thing.
  • Educational Learning: The box themes and prompts are open-ended. I can usually stretch a box a month by doing one of the major crafts each week but if you combine the crafts with the online supplements and continue to incorporate the box theme you get a lot more mileage out of the box.

Preston & Cameron enjoyed themselves last month. The box theme was feelings. Cameron has no idea what she is feeling besides hungry. She is only one after all.

However, Preston is two and a half and very in tune with his feelings. Too in tune. "Mama this is booooring". "I am sad because I am crying. I am crying because I am sad". So on and so forth. It's a good time : )


First we made magnets. The facial expressions each represented a different feeling. Preston and I made up stories and discussed why each guy felt the way he did. We colored them and stuck them on the fridge. Cameron tasted colored pencils and covered her arm in some black marker while I assisted Preston with the scissors.


This was my first time making sock puppets and I had a blast! Preston loved it too. We  each made a sock puppet and then took turn telling stories as our characters. The puppets lasted a few weeks in Casa Armstrong. We were both proud of our achievements (don't judge me I'm not all that crafty) and didn't want to part with our sock friends. Later in the evening Preston and Cameron colored in the adorable Picasso inspired sheet.

As you can see we enjoyed last month's BabbaBox. We have one more activity to complete so I plan on updating this post. I wanted to share these projects right away because I get a lot of questions about Babba. Try it out, you won't be disappointed. At the very least enter to win a free annual membership.

***Disclaimer: BabbaCo. provided me with a BabbaBox. The opinions expressed above are my own and honest and have not been influenced by anyone or anything.***