Tech Tuesday: My Favorite iPhone apps for Family Organization

We are an Apple family. This house is completely Mac infested. It is kind of ridiculous however I am not sure I have ever proclaimed my love of my iPhone publicly before. Here it is: I LOVE my iPhone. It is my most useful organizational tool in terms of family scheduling. We would be lost without it. Here are some of the apps I rely on daily to keep my household running in a somewhat orderly fashion. Amazon Mobile Shopping App

I make at least 60% of my Amazon purchases via the app. Many times I purchase things in the middle of the night that I had forgotten to buy during the day like teething gel, toddler toothpaste, etc. It could be dangerous for impulsive shopaholics but it has been a lifesaver for me. I love having the ability to quickly purchase household items via my phone. I hate shopping so this free app is fabulous.


At $6.99 this app is a little pricey but it has been so helpful that it was totally worth it. The app syncs all my Google calendars so that they are all viewable on my phone (my calendars and any that I have been invited to such as my sister's or husband's). The most important feature to me is the ability to send and update invites to my husband. The app has a ton of other features but I haven't had time to check them out. I use it mostly for sending my husband invites so that events are held on his calendar immediately and he has no excuse for forgetting to pick up Twix on his way home.

Google released its own app recently (well after I had already purchased Calengoo) and I gave it a try for a little while but stuck with Calengoo. It was familiar to me and I had already spent $6.99 so I was kind of committed :) but seriously I have gotten a lot of great use out of this app.

Grocery Gadget

This app is my husband's favorite. It allows us to sync the grocery shopping list and add to it whenever we notice we have run out of something. Owning this app has decreased last minute runs to the grocery store by at least 90%. Seriously. I am not joking.

There are a ton of features that this app offers but once again I have not had the time to check them out. You can log onto the companion website and make shopping lists, add coupons, prices for items you regularly buy for comparison shopping purposes and on and on. We have several lists organized by stores such as Amazon, grocery store, and the local grocery store. We then select what we need from a pre-populated list that has saved all of our previous purchases and then ping each other whenever we have made a change.

So simple and so easy. My husband now goes food shopping alone while I wait in the car with sleeping babies. Once again the time savings associated with this app have made it priceless to me but I paid $3.99 for it.

Here is a screenshot of my iPhone's productivity folder (it is where I keep all my organizational apps):

iphone screenshot

Oh and just in case anyone was wondering this was not a review or sponsored post. Although I wish it was since the amount of money I have spent on apps in the last three years would make the baby Jesus himself cry. Sorry baby Jesus but I love my iPhone.

Do you have any apps that you rely on to keep things in order?

Please share. I absolutely positively LOVE checking out new apps! I am even open to suggestions from creepy crawly Android owning types :)

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