Lensbaby Monthly Challenge: Adoration

Okay. Before you judge me let me say a few things. I know I could've done a better job with this theme than a cute photo of Cameron. I didn't have time to visualize or plan a proper shoot and if I am to be truly honest my kids are at that age where they won't cooperate unless there are ponies and cotton candy involved. However! (Puts on thick mommy googles) This photo does reflect adoration. I adore my last baby. She surprises me every day with her new skills, speech, and behaviors  She isn't a baby. I try to remind myself when I'm baby talking to her or nibbling on her cheek. I'm letting go but very slowly. This is my last baby and I adore her. lensbaby-veronica-armstrong

Next up in the Lensbaby blog circle is the incredible Heather Richard.