Things That Got My Goat This Week - Link Up!

I am back and I brought the goat getting with me.

Expensive Mascara
I love mascara but I have noticed something: price creep. I am a little bit of a snob and tend to only purchase high end mascaras. Believe me I have tried drugstore brands but have yet to find one that works for me. I was okay with spending $18, then $20, and even $25 for a really good mascara. As I was shopping for a new mascara I noticed this:

diorshow360 mascara

DiorShow 360 Mascara

$36! Seriously? No effing way will I spend $36 on mascara. I have to draw the line somewhere. The reviews aren't good and the "science" behind the twirly looking brush is suspect. I know what they are doing and usually it works on me. "Oh look this mascara is the MOST expensive so you know it's good!" Not this time Dior.

$36 are you people on drugs?

Backing up my iPhone

I love my iPhone. It's the best! However I am really tired of the amount time I have to spend backing it up or updating it. I know it is a necessary evil but it took about an hour the other day! It is completely my fault. I procrastinate to the point of insanity. By the time I get around to plugging the thing in I have 899 pictures, 30 videos, and require several app updates. Then like an idiot while it is updating I keep reaching for it to make a phone call, text someone, or add to the shopping list but then I remember I can't! The phone is busy and will be tied up for awhile.

The most embarrassing part is that the reason behind the incredibly long update was because of the Oregon Trail app I had recently installed. What do they put in that thing!?! I know I didn't have to download it but I couldn't help myself. Oregon Trail is a childhood classic. So I guess I got my own goat but I still wish Steve Jobs would think of some awesome way for my phone to update and back itself up without me having to manually plug it in.

Ridiculous Studies

By now I am sure you have heard that working mothers are one of the major driving forces of childhood obesity. Right. Fine then let the mothers quit and not have enough money to feed their children and BOOM super skinny supermodel kids everywhere.

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