Top ten iPhone apps for women who blog.

I am very attached to my iPhone. I previously posted about my favorite iPhone apps for family organization. Although I have always been a smart phone fan (I miss my cute Blackberry pearl sometimes), my fascination with my iPhone is beyond fangirldom. Way beyond. My iPhone has enabled me to read, write, shop, and learn at times I would have otherwise been unable. The convenience factor of today's smartphones cannot be beat. Here is my list of the top ten iPhone apps for women bloggers:

1. Wordpress/Blogger

Both of these apps have come a long way since I first used them. I haven't had any issues blogging with either app. My only gripe with the Wordpress app is that public publishing is the default option. It isn't a significant nuisance since I have learned to set the post to private and then publish so that I can complete my post from my computer when I have more time.

These apps are my basic blogging essentials. They allow me to type away on my phone while I am up feeding the baby late at night or early in the morning.

2. Ego

ego iphone app

Ego is simple: your social media stats in one place. Simple, clean, and streamlined. There is nothing complicated about Ego. Just pop in and check whenever you are curious. You can add Twitter, Feedburner, Mint, Ember, Google Analytics, Squarespace, Tumblr, & Vimeo accounts.

It would be really cool if one had the option to add Facebook fan pages to Ego but I may just be getting greedy.

3. Analytics Pro

Many consider Google's analytics to be the most reliable and accurate. This app allows you to dig as deep as you want into your blog's statistics. Want to know why your bounce rate is 100% for people who visit from Scranton, PA?  Notice a huge spike in traffic from a strange source? Check your Google analytics.

There are many terrific uses for analytics that allow you to tailor your content to the demographic you are trying to reach. Analytics Pro allows you to keep an eye on things without having to log into your Google Analytics dashboard.

4. Pinterest

pinterest iphone

Who doesn't love Pinterest? It is the loveliest of all time sucks. Surf the web, "pin" things that interest you, and share them with your friends. Simple and addicting.

This iPhone app is great for those times when you need a little inspiration. You can browse and search to your heart's content. All the thoughtfully curated boards are sure to spark a creative streak within you.

5. Craftgawker

I adore this app. It is similar to Pinterest but focused exclusively on Indie handmade crafts. There are thousands of crafts, tutorials, and visual inspirations to browse through. You can get lost in this app but if you have a case of writer's block or insomnia then you definitely want to check this app out.

6. Stumbleupon

stumbleupon iphone app

Stumbleupon is terrific resource for seeing what other bloggers in your niche are up to, finding incredibly random websites, and bloggy paying it forward. I love it when I am stumbling and come across a friend or talented peer's blog posts. I happily thumbs up and keep it moving.

7. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social media dashboard that has many uses. My primary use as a blogger is tweet scheduling. There is a lot more value to the app than just tweet scheduling but I am often short on blogging time. Hootsuite allows me to schedule a few tweets with my latest blog posts in less than five minutes.

8. Etsy Addict

Yet another inspirational app. Many bloggers like to feature crafts and Etsy Addict is a great way to see what is trendy and popular in the handmade & indie circles right now.

etsy addict iphone app


You can also utilize this app to shop and manage your personal Etsy shop which makes it unique and useful. As a blogger I use the app to find ideas for craft tutorials that I never post because I pretty much stink at them : ) BUT it is the thought that counts sometimes right? Totally.

9. Camera+

Camera+ is the ultimate iPhone photo editing tool. It can be difficult to find the time to shoot with a proper camera and I sometimes use pictures taken from my phone for blogging purposes. I am not the best phone photographer and happily use all the help available to me. Camera+ is wonderful for cropping, zooming, tilting, and much more. There are some advanced photo taking options within the app as well.

10. Mashable

This one might be a little self-explanatory but my assumption is that if you are a blogger then you are most likely a fan of other social media vehicles. Mashable is the most comprehensive news source for all things social media related. The content is fresh, interesting, and can be very helpful for a blogger. Today I learned how to make an RSS feed for my Google+ profile. I am a nerd and think that is super cool. If you are a social media fan you will love this app.

Do you have any favorite blogging or social media friendly iPhone apps that you would like to share? 

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