Bandwagon Jump: Vine App.

The Vine app is the talk of the social media world. Unfortunately some of the press is less than positive but the glitches seem to have been worked out. I've spent a decent amount of time checking out Vine and haven't encountered any unpleasantness. Either they've done a spectacular job removing the icky aspects or you really have to go looking for them.

My experience with the app has been great.


I love sharing the little parts of my day that I can't capture with a photo or don't have time to record with a proper video. Vine takes story telling to a different, brief, and super fun level. I'm not the most creative person in the world so you probably won't be seeing any insane graphics or serious films from me but I do post tidbits of our stay in London if you're in to that sort of thing.

Oh, and you should definitely check out my guacamole video.


The community is fantastic. I follow some crazy talented creatives who post everything from behind the scenes peeks of their businesses to six second recipes. It's entertaining, inspiring  and (best of all) not a huge time suck. I pop in and out every few days and there is never a shortage of pretty or fun videos to watch.

Vine is simple to use. Simply point your iPhone camera at your subject and touch the screen to record. Lift up your finger to stop. Touch again to start. You've got six seconds to make your looping video. You can shoot continuously or make stop motion effect videos.

The app isn't perfect but it's brand new. I'm interested to see where it goes. I hope they add a saving function so I don't keep losing my super awesome videos.

Here's a little movie Preston helped me make.

 Are you on Vine? Why or why not? If you are be sure to leave your user name in the comments so I can follow you.