Wake up, Wake up, Wake up - It's the 1st of the month - August

Let me begin by saying that I am ashamed of myself. I fell so short of my goals that it is embarrassing to report back my "accomplishments". Perhaps a good dose of shame and forced accountability will get me back on track for August.
July's Goals:
  • Get my drivers license - Did not happen. People that know me well are not surprised
  • Try a new vegetable - Success! I purchased English Peas and cooked with them several times.  Loved them! 
  • Make tamales - It was too damn hot to engage in such an undertaking. Way too hot. 
  • Color my hair - My Vermont hairdresser has disappeared. Can we consider this one not my fault? 
  • Fully organize my kitchen cabinets - Success! The cabinets are beautiful and neatly organized. It only took me an hour. I have no idea why I waited so long. 

My mini goal was to do a squat a day. Thats it: ONE squat a day. I did not do a single squat all month! I am a sorry character. 
August will be an easy month. I will work on July's goals and start fresh in September. It is amazing how difficult the simplest things become when one is hugely pregnant. 

This was me back in my pageant days. If you do not laugh at this picture you have no soul.