We made it to Indy.

My sister was nice enough to share more insane messages she's received on Match.com. I wanted to post more hilarious Tool Time (huge thanks to Alana for that awesome title by the way) for you but moving has me all kind of mixed up. I'm tired. What's new? It's mostly a good tired. We made it from Ithaca to Indy in one night. We stopped a few times and made it to Indianapolis in about twelve hours. It felt wonderful to snuggle up in a huge bed at the end of the night. We stayed at the same hotel we stayed at when we visited in October.  The awesome barista at Starbucks remembered me which was great. I am brand new to town but staying at the same hotel made me feel comfortable since I remembered how to navigate my way around downtown Indy. My husband booked us a suite which made things easier. I was concerned about how the kids would handle so much change in a short time but they enjoyed the hotel. Each morning before the kids woke up their Daddy had gathered them fresh berries, waffles, yogurt, and milk and they thought it was the coolest. I think they're mostly happy to see more of their father. It's been great. We cannot stop eating (and I have ten pounds to go till goal weight so I need to slow down). You may not know this (I certainly didn't) but the food in Indy is crazy delicious. First stop was The Tamale Place, then we tried Hank's Smoked Briskets, and of course we needed some tacos, and we finished off with a great mother's day lunch at Harry & Izzys. Before you judge us remember we have spent the last 4+ years living in Vermont & Ithaca where the food pickings are slim, very slim, and obviously we love to eat.

The kids are tired but are slowly returning to their normal schedule. Preston is curious about why we are in the "big city" and asks when we are going home every once in a while but he doesn't seem sad about the move. He is very curious about the tall buildings and his new surroundings. We know how hard transitions like these can be for little kids and have tried to cram in as much fun as time allows (which is why we are beat). We visited the Indianapolis Children's Museum. Preston was in heaven and Cameron was...teething. We've stopped at a few great parks and we visited an amazing toy store.

The kids each picked out a new toy to bring to the apartment and we made new friends. I know I'll be making many trips to that store and their staff is incredible. Preston fell in a love with a toy robot that was beyond cute but needed to be wound up with a key to work. No. Thank. You. We steered him toward the bulldozer he originally wanted and he was happy. Cameron had a blast on a rocking horse and if we were moving to Indianapolis for good I would have bought that thing SO fast but since we have a few more weeks of travel once we finish up here I knew a rocking horse was not an ideal choice. We got her a motorized Old MacDonald tractor (it's her favorite song) that came with a farmer and animals.

Our new apartment is fabulous. It reminds me of our apartment in Vermont but bigger. It has four bedrooms and four bathrooms and is brand sparkly new. I love it. There is a small porch with a view of the Indianapolis skyline. The kids have room to stretch out and run. I can finally walk a straight line without bumping into anything. I could go on forever and if you follow me on Twitter you know I have. We are happy. Our dorm apartment is fine but four people in a small space can get hectic. We appreciate this breathing room.

Whew. So everything is great. My husband's internship begins on Tuesday. I'm looking forward to catching up with some Internet friends while I am in the area and plan on exploring a ton with the kids.

Downtown Indianapolis

Mass Ave Indianapolis

cute toddler stroller

Mass Ave Toy Store Indianapolis

Mass Ave Toy Store Indianapolis

Indianapolis Children's Museum

Indianapolis Children's Museum

Happy Monday & How are you?