Welcoming Summer & Setting Goals

I hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend. To say we did would be an understatement. We had a blast. So much freaking fun! Three fun days filled with great food, lots of laugh, and plenty of sunshine. Summer has unofficially begun. I find this time of the year inspiring. There's abundant sunshine, the happy sounds of birds singing, and plenty of time for outdoor fun. When the weather is pretty I find myself in a near constant state of delirious happiness. There's so much to enjoy and look forward to. Summer is wonderful.

Kyla Roma's recent post about her summer intentions inspired me to reflect and think about what I want out of this summer. We've got about seven weeks left in Indianapolis and plan on visiting Vermont, New York's North Country, Massachusetts, New York City ( for Blogher) and Toronto, Canada before the Fall semester begins.

I'm thrilled that we'll get to spend unrushed time with family before getting back on the MBA grind but I wanted to have a tangible reminder to make the most of this short season.

I crossed the first item off my list yesterday. We took the kids to their very first little water park. They loved it.






Can you tell?

Here's my summer wish list.

  • Take the kids to a little water park.
  • Make frozen yogurt at home.
  • Learn the Zone system.
  • Give Indian food a (sincere) try.
  • Do something really special for Father's Day for my husband.
  • Swim in a (hopefully non gross) lake (that doesn't have huge fish that touch me. Ew.)
  • Throw Preston an awesome third birthday party.
  • Photograph Shelburne, Vermont. One of My favorite places in New England.
  • Take kids to fireworks for the first time.
  • Wean Cameron (!!!).
  • Lose the last ten pounds of baby weight (I'm so close).
  • Photograph a hood car show in Indy.
  • Take pictures of my father in his office with the kids.
  • Read three novels (not business books!)
  • Complete a portfolio review with Stacie
  • Start driving lessons.

Nothing crazy. My goals are small and totally within reach, pressure free and very fun. I can't wait to get started.

What is your number one goal for this summer?


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