What's going on?

Is it just me or is blogland super quiet this week? Maybe it's just me. My husband's parents are in town and we are having a blast showing them around the city. I've vowed to take hundreds of fantastic pictures of the kids with their beloved Grandma & Grandpa. I'd like to make a nice photo book of their visit. We are ridiculously happy to have them here (and not just because they spoil us rotten). My husband has a surprise date planned for us for this evening and tomorrow evening as well. I can't wait. He's had an incredible week at work and I cannot wait to hear all the details. I'm so proud of him. Can you tell?

I'm working hard on shooting for black and white. Working my way through a crazy insane Clickin Moms Skin Workshop. I bought it the second it hit my inbox due in part to my lack of self-control but also because this is an area where I was lagging. I don't get paid for saying this but: buy it. NOW!

It's worth so much more than they're selling it for so hurry before they smarten up and raise the price :) I'll try to write-up a quick review in case anyone is on the fence. It's helped me tremendously with identifying and removing color casts on skin. If you shoot small children in bright clothing and/or on playgrounds you know exactly what I'm talking about. Those awful color reflections that bounce off from the play structures or the kids coats? Boom. Gone.

Here is an excellent overview of the workshop if you're interested.

OH! Blogher syndicated one of my posts. I'm so honored and would love it if you checked it out.

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Have a great weekend xo