What's Next? Crunchy Indy Mommy? Crunchy London Mommy?

Last week was my husband's first school break. He finished up his finals, we visited Massachusetts for a few days, and then spent some quality family time together. I have had too much on my mind lately and have tried to push aside my anxiety about the next few months. This period requires a tremendous amount of flexibility and adaptation and I am not sure how up for it I am right now. It isn't as if I have a choice either way which is why I don't talk about it much. My husband has an additional class starting on Monday (last semester Mr. Smarty Pants exempted out of accounting which was great since it allowed him to be home a little more) and a few recruiting trips on the calendar. An extra class means more homework, more studying, and more challenges for our family.

Next week we are visiting Indiana to check out a prospective employer that has extended an internship offer (which could lead to a post MBA employment offer) to my husband. Pweezy is staying home with my in-laws which he is very excited about. Cmoney and I will explore Indianapolis while my husband does his recruiting thing. It is a short two-day visit but we felt that it was important for us to see the city together before he makes a decision.

I do not know much about Indy besides the 500, Colts, and ... that's it. My husband and I are keeping completely open minds about this experience. We do not have a final destination set in stone. If Indiana is the best fit then that is where we will go. I want my husband to be happy in his new role and with his new employer. We have sacrificed a lot for this MBA and it is beyond important that my husband chooses wisely. We have to choose a location that is right for our family. I have heard good things about the area and look forward to our visit.

My husband's next trip is to London during Thanksgiving weekend. I mentioned before that I am not attending. He does not yet have an offer from a UK employer. This is a trip for students that are interested in working overseas to meet with prospective employers. We are spending Thanksgiving apart and investing a chunk of our savings into this trek (that's what the MBAs call it) so obviously I hope this trip is successful or at the very least that my husband brings home some fabulous souvenirs. : )

I do not have much of a preference for either location. Of course I want to stay as close to our families as possible but we currently live six hours away and still see everyone pretty frequently so I do not think distance will change that. Our families live near major airports and we can fly them in as needed/wanted. Indiana has a pretty awesome cost of living, an excellent graduate school for me to attend if I decide to get my MBA/am accepted, and good Mexican food (I am Dominican not Mexican but I am crazy for their cuisine).

London is London. What's not to like about London? Soccer (I will never call that football), excellent shopping, and my perfect climate. Our money wouldn't take us as far living in a city like London but it could be a great experience for the kids. There is also a great business school there but I am not sure it is the best fit for me on account of my questionable accounting and quant skills :) I have *no* idea what I would do all day while my husband worked and the kids attended classes. I'd probably troll around outside the Burberry store on a daily basis hoping someone would take pity on me and take me on a shopping spree.

We have 19 months left here and our vision for the future is not yet clear. I'm trying not to go crazy.

Birthday party toddlerBirthday party babyWe went to Monique's son's first birthday party this weekend. The kids had a blast. Pweezy says his favorite part was getting his face painted by Monique's sons.

Have a happy Monday. Thanks for listening : )