When Tweetups Go Bad. Battle Axe at Starbucks.

cute babies

This is the tale of my first ever tweet-up. My decision to meet with two women I met on twitter was not one I took lightly. My husband and I were both apprehensive at first but I had gotten to know both @alicat19 @rigatormom and was curious to meet them.

My husband and I had preconceived notions about "Internet people". They're all crazy right? who meets people on the Internet and then meets up with them in real life!?! Sex freaks. That's who.

The three of us decided to meet at a local Starbucks and my husband remained close by. I was pregnant at the time and he has clearly watched too much Lifetime TV because he was convinced that any person that came into contact with me during my pregnancy was plotting to kidnap me and the unborn baby.

Anyway Joanna and Ali were the lovliest and sweetest "Internet people" one could imagine. Ali is very soft spoken and sweet. Joanna looks like a supermodel with a matching super model baby. Total bitch. Her son Jackson is a gorgeous doll and my son was having a blast hanging out with him.

cute babies II

Then it happened. The crazy old battle axe made her appearance. Joanna, Ali, me, and the kids had posted up in a corner of Starbucks so that the boys wouldn't disturb anyone. I noticed battle axe right away. She looked in our direction and scoffed. Big mistake. I automatically dislike anyone that doesn't smile at my kid. Call me crazy but if two gorgeous babies dont make you smile then you've got a problem. I am your problem.

I had my eye on her. She ordered her drink and was heading toward a table near ours. Joanna had constructed a makeshift pen for our kids out of chairs and her stroller. The battle axe moved it with force. HUGE mistake.


cute babies III

What kind of person just tosses a Maclaren that doesn't belong to them? The woman was not right in the head. I asked her whether she had a problem and told her not to touch things that didn't belong to her. I was very nervous about making a scene at Starbucks in front of these two kind women I had just met but I could feel my face getting hot. I was getting closer and closer to confronting the woman. I called my husband and gave him a heads up.

Battle axe kept looking in our direction and muttering to her friend. I was growing more and more upset but I maintained my composure and then! Then! She tossed Joanna's stroller aside again and started muttering incoherently in our direction. I confronted her. I asked her what her problem was and why she hated babies. The shock on her face was visible but I wanted answers. What made her think it was acceptable to put her hands on the property of others in a public place? I told her that if she hated babies she should stay home. They're everywhere. We were not loud or in the way and had just as much of a right to waste away our time at the suburban coffee spot as she did.

She asked me whether I was crazy. I informed her that I certainly was. Joanna took pictures. Ali watched the kids while they played out of earshot.

Joanna and I scared the mean battle axe away. A good time was had by all. I've hung out with Joanna and Ali on other occasions and consider them both to be friends. I've also seen the battle axe again at Starbucks. She might live there because she's super territorial about her special corner. Ali sees her often.

Battle axe pretended not to see me last time I encountered her. Good. Move.

Ever meet up in person with an internet friend? Share your story!

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