XBOX 360 Kinect Nat Geo & Sesame Street 2-way TV Experience Review

We've had an Xbox longer than we've had kids. I don't have as much time for traditional video games as I'd like and my husband stays up way too late picking up my slack. Right now he is in the throes of a fierce Madden addiction. I like Madden but not enough to sacrifice sleep. Kinect games are a different story.

As most of you know our apartment is tiny (it is student housing after all) and we are getting ready for our trip to London. Please excuse the hot mess. Do enjoy the fact that my beloved white couch is still white though.

A picture is worth a thousand words right? Look at the faces below. Well look at Cameron's face I don't know what Preston is doing.


Why are they so happy? The the Xbox 360 Kinect 2-way TV experience is the coolest thing ever. That's why.

Sesame Street

Xbox Kinect Sesame Street 2-Way TV Experience

As soon as the kids heard the Sesame Street theme song they began to dance, laugh, and spin in circles. It was a good sign. The kids loved watching themselves on TV and interacting directly with their favorite Sesame Street characters.

The game comes with two discs. One is called "Growing Up" and has age appropriate lessons broken up into 4 thirty minute episodes for kids like saying goodbye to a pacifier or getting along with a sibling. The second disc is called "Science" and contains 4 more thirty minute episodes with lessons perfect for preschoolers. 240 minutes of toddler entertainment? Yes. Please. Oh and it takes snapshots periodically during game play. The kids really enjoy those.


Most kids love Sesame Street but what makes this experience so fun is that the characters are talking to you. The kids favorite game involves clapping when a letter that one of the Sesame Street characters named would appear. There's even a little applause meter to keep the kids motivated and clapping louder and louder. It's super cute to watch them enjoy a game together and practice their counting and alphabet skills.


Taking a decent picture of a television is not an easy feat (for me) but look at that quality. It's gorgeous.


Verdict: I highly recommend that you add this to the holiday shopping list. Sesame Street 2 Way TV Experience is my rainy day/inclement weather savior. It keeps the kids entertained indoors longer than anything else. It's $29.99 and worth it. 


Nat Geo TV

Kinect Xbox 360 Nat Geo 2 way TV experience

I don't have any pictures of myself playing this game with the kids because it's recommended for kids ages 10 and up. My husband pointed this out to me while I enthusiastically engaged in an amazing game called Bear Brawl. It's not violent but there's some bear shoving and paw swiping and that might be scary for some kids. I got carried away.

The game was that good. I was swiping my crazy bear paws all over the place and then I noticed my blinds were open. Oops. Nat Geo is hands down my favorite Kinect game. Believe that. You can be an owl protecting its babies from snakes or a bear scratching tree branches looking for ants to eat (my favorite). It's SO fun. Judge me. I don't care.

Nat Geo TV = hours of educational entertainment. The game is flawless. It performs well and is visually stunning. Kids can learn about animals and explore the wilderness and it's great but I can't lie. The best part is the Go-Wild role-playing games. Your living room transforms into the forest and players into animals. I've never played a more fun game. In fact I'm going to play with my husband as soon as I finish this post.

Verdict: Buy this game for yourself or a child older than 10. I've played a lot of video games in my lifetime (I'm talking all the way back to original Atari) and I don't remember the last time I had this much fun playing a game. It is awesome. It's also $29.99 and you need this game. Also please remember to shut the blinds unless you like freaking out your neighbors. In that case. Carry on. 

Disclosure: I was given a copy of each game for this review. The opinions are honest, my own, and have not been influenced by anyone in any way.