Yes. I'm still here.

A twitter friend asked me this morning whether my CrunchyVTMommy had become primarily a review blog. The answer is no. Although I haven't posted as much of my personal original content as I would like to things have not changed. I mean blogging things haven't changed. My husband is fully immersed in one of the most rigorous MBA programs in the world, I have no friends or family nearby to help me (they are at least six hours away), my mother's helper is a Cornell Pre-Law major who isn't available often, and I take care of two kids that are 14 months apart alone all day and most evenings every single day. No weekends for me. I am exhausted.

Instead of posting about how I've been woken up by my fifteen month old every fifteen minutes every single night for almost three weeks I post some fun holiday related reviews and giveaways.

I can't ask my husband for assistance in the middle of the night. He has quizzes at 7:30 am. We have invested everything into this experience and part of our financial future is dependent on his academic and professional success.

I suck it up. It's painful, lonely, and difficult but blogging about it won't change anything. Will one of my readers hear my cry for help, fly to Ithaca, and watch my kids while I sleep? Nope. Why bother?

Do you want to hear about the European man cold my husband lovingly brought home from London? My throat is so sore it hurts to breathe and I'm alone with the kids. As usual.

Good stuff right? It might be if you're the kind that enjoys human suffering : )

I could go on for hours but I refuse. As difficult as this period in my life is I am blessed beyond belief. I am not ungrateful and I am not unhappy. To put it simply I'm more tired than I ever thought I could be. It's okay. I'll live.

Do people enjoy reading emo post after post from bloggers? I can't do this. I should stop. Can't go on. Maybe some people do but that's not my steez nor has it ever been.

If im too tired to finish something I've been working on I'd rather post a review than a piece of written in the middle of the night crazy lady drivel. I have plenty of content in my draft folder and I'll get to it someday.

My reviews and giveaways are honest and carefully selected. I've turned down many things that weren't a good fit. Where's my trophy! : ) I have nothing to hide or be ashamed about.

I am not a blogger that apologizes for my content. If you don't like my blog why are you here?

If you don't like reviews: that's cool everyone who does will keep all the awesome stuff to themselves.

If you don't like giveaways: then don't enter. You'll give my readers that do greater chances of winning.

It's all so simple.

It was a fair question and one I knew I would be addressing eventually so believe me when I say I am not at all angry or surprised. I'm using this as an opportunity to get it all out on the table since I know others have been wondering the same thing.

I love blogging and love my blogging friends even more but unfortunately this space has to take a backseat sometimes. My priorities are my kids, husband, and home (hovel/dorm same thing).

My husband has little free time but he spends every second he can with us. Would I turn him away when he asks to watch a movie with me after the kids have gone to sleep? "Hold on honey let me blog about that school that invited a Hooters waitress to speak at career day."


I won't ignore my children or domestic duties to blog.


I'm still here. I've been writing at Cafemom too. If you'd like to check me out there I would appreciate it.

I have some ridiculously awesome giveaways this week. If you'd like to enter that would be great.

I have some posts saved in my draft folder to share if you'd like to stick around and read them when I finally get some time to work that would fabulous.

If not then peace. You know your way out.

Some advice for my blogging friends:

Do what you want to do without worrying what others might thing.

Someone will always talk about you no matter what you do so make sure you spend your time in ways that please and benefit you.

I could be auctioning my organs for money to help abandoned siamese kittens and people would still talk shit about me. It happens. People criticize my writing, my looks, relationship with my husband, and on and on.

Anyway. I'm going to keep being me in any capacity that my limited time allows.

If you're still here that is phenomenal.

If you're not I'll survive. I promise.

I get like a million Caillou is a douche hits anyway :-D

*Published from my iPhone. Will update later. If you have any concerns with grammar or typographical errors please feel free to fly to Ithaca and watch my kids while I luxuriously type away meticulous blog posts for you at Starbucks. Thanks so much*