A new year, a goodbye, and the sweetest kids.

I have a ton of hopes, dreams, ambitions, and goals for this new year. I am an eternal optimist and am positive that 2012 will be even more amazing than 2011 was. I know it. I am settling back into my comfortable routine while pushing myself to explore new things. I plan on linking up with Jill over at BabyRabies for her awesome 12 to do in 2012 linky. I have big plans that I will execute and I cannot wait to share with you. Sadly my time at Cafemom has come to an end *tear*. I truly enjoyed writing for them. If you aren't a member of the Cafemom community I encourage you to consider it. There is always something entertaining or thought provoking being discussed and I met a bunch of great women. I am thankful and currently booking freelance assignments if anyone is interested *wink*.

Head on over and tell me about your New Year or just ogle the hilarious pictures of my kids. There is one of Pweezy with a candy cane that is guaranteed to make you smile.

Oh, and I took this one last night after I gave the "twins" a bath. How sweet are they?


Have a great day,



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