A new and exciting way to get my fix.

I have tinkered with various methods of home iced coffee brewing. I've cold brewed my beloved Bustelo in mason jars and brewed iced coffee specific blends then cooled them in a pitcher in the refrigerator. My home brewing methods were merely desperate (sometimes pathetic) attempts at iced caffeine satisfaction to satiate me until I was able to get out of the house and race to the nearest (overpriced) coffeehouse.

Then came International Delights Iced Coffee. Oh, what's that you say? Aren't they the creamer company? Yes! Yes they are and starting on January 15th you will be able to purchase delicious iced coffee by the half-gallon in three different flavors (original, vanilla, and mocha) at Walmart.

I have the best luck lately. Who doesn't want to review coffee?

My husband retrieved the package from the community center expecting more Omaha steaks from his sweet Grandma. He opened the box but was not disappointed. He exclusively drinks iced coffee year round (I'll take it anyway I can get it ya heard?) and was instantly intrigued. Since we were leaving on a two-week road trip we took two containers with us, original and vanilla flavored.


I am not usually a fan of vanilla flavored coffee because as a serious vanilla enthusiast the artificial flavoring that is often used doesn't trick my sophisticated palate. Sure, I've been known to eat bacon bits by the handful but my palate is still sophisticated. Hmph.

The original flavor was great. I thought that after enjoying the vanilla that the original wouldn't stand a chance with my fancy taste buds but I was wrong. That half-gallon got us through a visit at grandmas. We love her but she only had instant coffee on hand which my husband wouldn't touch. International Delights came through in a major way.

Once we returned home we had one lonely half-gallon of mocha iced coffee left to sample. It was even more delicious than I expected. Not too sweet or artificial tasting. Just right.


I was very surprised by the quality of this product. I will admit that I had low expectations. I love coffee and have pretty high standards. I was pleasantly surprised. My husband and I decided that the vanilla and mocha are tied for first place and regular isn't too shabby either.

The products have a great shelf life so you don't have to be a coffee maniac and drink the half-gallon immediately like we did. The drinks are slightly thick but not obnoxiously so. Sometimes I cut them with fat-free half and half or skin milk to water them down. Usually I don't have to because the melted ice in the glass does the trick nicely.

This post is making me want a glass. Sadly my husband hogged the rest of the mocha flavor for a late night study session before I could finish my post. He said it was delicious and he regrets nothing. His punishment was the photo below taken while he enjoyed some post studying downtime playing video games.


Go to Walmart on January 15th and pick up some International Delights #IcedCoffee. You won't regret it for a second.

You'll probably see me there : )


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