All the judgey ladies, All the judgey ladies.

Beyonce gave birth to her baby girl a few days ago and boy are the pitchforks out. One would think the woman gave birth to the Antichrist judging from some reactions I have seen online. Would the mark of the beast be the Roc sign? Hova. Hova. Δ Δ Δ I digress.

According to some media reports several parents were prevented from visiting their children in the NICU due to the Carters' privacy demands at New York's Lenox Hill Hospital. The Carters' delivery suite was located on was the same floor as the hospital NICU and several parents complained that the Carters' private and hospital security prevented them and their families from seeing their babies. Some have speculated that the Carters spent 1.3 million dollars to rent the hospital suite. People are outraged that Beyonce's "selfishness" prevented parents from seeing their equally precious kids.

I am not a Beyonce fan and can clearly see how this logic is completely faulty.

How is it Beyonce's fault that this for profit hospital chose to place a higher value on the alleged $1.3 million dollars the Carters paid for their suite than the emotions of stressed, worried, and heartbroken parents?

This ridiculous celebrity pregnancy worship has finally illuminated a real issue. Hospitals do not always (usually?) care about you, your baby, your baby's health, or your feelings. They care about money like all other for profit corporations. Where is the anger directed at Lenox Hill? Why do they give preferential treatment to wealthy patients? Aren't we all human?

If this is a regular practice for patients of means then surely they should have anticipated this debacle and made special accommodations that wouldn't inconvenience other patients. It is outrageous and maddening to think of any parent being turned away from their child, even more heartbreaking a child in the NICU, but why blame Beyonce?

A lot of the moms I have seen directing their anger at Beyonce are the very first to throw out the played out "Don't judge other moms" cliche. You do not know that Beyonce is selfish. You do not know that she had an elective c-section because she is "too posh to push" and had a planned tummy tuck. You do not know what her actual due date was and whether she was unnecessarily induced early. You do not know whether she has an underlying medical condition that required a hospital birth.

Why are you judging? Is she fair game because she is a wealthy celebrity? It is disappointing to see some of the most ardent birth advocates hypocritically judging Beyonce for a hospital's mismanagement and questionable practices.

Fight the good fight ladies. The issue is that hospitals are corporations that see only dollar signs not feelings. How can we fix this? How can we level the playing field for families that are less fortunate or have no insurance?

Put your pitch forks away and lobby your local Representatives and Senators. Put your US weekly down and visit the state capital. Schedule a meeting with your elected officials. Attend a hearing. Do something. Judging beyonce isn't changing anything.

Please stop acting as if you had millions of dollars at your disposal that you wouldn't indulge in some unnecessary luxuries (not at the expense of others) such as a post birth hair stylist and makes artist. Who doesn't love a beautiful photo with their newborn?

Lastly, for the haters judging Beyonce for daring to care about her appearance: behold the picture below.

post birth photo

post birth photo 2

That photo was taken minutes after Cmoney was born in a private suite in Vermont overlooking the mountains and with glimpses of Lake Champlain. Luxurious. I looked phenomenal and I'm not ashamed to say so.

Hate away.