The World's Prettiest Eyeballs

My bias is obvious but watch me deliver. I had an insanely hard time choosing a picture for this week's iheartfaces photo challenge. The theme is "Best Face Photo from 2011". Since I am merely an insanely enthusiastic hobbyist my portfolio consists of thousands of pictures of my gorgeous kids.

My mommy goggles are thick. I have the hardest time deleting even the worst images. Both Pweezy and Cmoney have big, beautiful eyes that turn almost any picture into a masterpiece any mom would love.

See how biased I am? I just love their little faces.

Since they both have giant eyeballs I have been fortunate enough to catch some incredible catch lights. I chose the photo below despite some technical flaws that make me cringe a little because Cmoney's smile is infectious, the catch lights are ridiculous, and I can see myself in her eyes. I know I was smiling at the time. I remember the day and I always will.




Photo Challenge Submission

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