A (very hot) Day Out with Thomas

Last Saturday we checked out Day Out with Thomas in Connersville, Indiana. It was an interesting and extremely hot day. We drove an hour to Connersville. It was our first journey to rural Indiana and a big day for Preston so I brought my camera along. Taking pictures was not easy. I was dying from the heat and desperately trying to keep the kids entertained for an hour. Preston was hot and impatient. We ate snow cones, watched the train before ours pull off, and then went inside the station to check out the large model train setup.


Cherry snow cones are one of my favorite things in the entire universe.


Bless these two. They should've been wearing short shorts. I wouldn't have judged them a bit.


Anxious little guy waiting not so patiently.


The last train before our ride. See the looks on people's faces? Ya. No fans or air conditioning on those bad boys. 


Woot! We made it in. Surely the kids will enjoy their first train ride and allow me to get some pictures right? RIGHT? Nope. 



Preston was so hot and agitated that he didn't even want a photo with Thomas. Worked for us because we were desperate for some well conditioned air if you know what I mean. Our babies are native Vermonters they aren't built for this crazy Midwest heat. Two hours and $100 later we were out of there.

I learned a few important lessons: nothing is ever as cool as I think it is going to be after seeing it on TV and hyping it up for a week. I *always* fall for commercials. When I was pregnant McDonald's kept playing that catchy Filet O'Fish commercial with the singing fish and I was convinced I needed one of those sandwiches every single day.

The other lesson I learned was to stick to indoor activities with young children when it's over 80 degrees. We're kind of heat wimps.

Preston was happy to meet Thomas and that made it all worth it.