Unsolicited Advice Column

Lots of people land here from Google searches. Many of them have questions. I'm not sure whether these folks found what they were looking for on this blog or elsewhere so I've decided to start a monthly column called "Unsolicited Advice" to help the people of the internet. If you're wondering what the hell that graphic is supposed to be well, I don't know. Pringles guy? I'm awful at these things don't laugh at me.

unsolicited advice


How to save photos if shooting in RAW?

I edit the photos I want to keep using Adobe RAW. I then convert them to jpegs and save.

Why shoot in RAW when you are going to transfer?

Shooting in RAW gives you the most post processing control and can save an over or under exposed photo. No downside. Just do it.

Which DSLR has best true to life color?

It's not the camera that determines this although some people will argue that there is something brighter or creamier about Nikons (I disagree) . Photographic skill and post processing choices are the major determinants. Go with the camera you can afford and learn how to use it.


Husband feels judged by my mom.

Tell your mom to be more stealthy about it so your husband can't tell. None of that passive aggressive mother-in-law niceness either. Silent judging is an acquired skill. With practice your mom will become a pro.

How do I get my husband to like his wedding ring?

Make him a new one each morning out of bacon or a mini donut. He can snack on it throughout the day.

Husband not wearing wedding ring. Doesn't fit. Myspace status single.

Wait a second. Not only is he not wearing his ring but he is on Myspace? in 2012? It's time for some marriage counseling. I don't even know what goes on at the social media wasteland but I'm guessing no one is wearing pants. Get help or get out. Something's not right here. Seriously though people *still* use Myspace?

MBA Life:

What are the things to learn while doing summer internship in finance MBA?

Um, your function? Are you in investment banker? Learn investment banking. In private equity? Learn private equity. You see where I'm going here. Finance is broad better get specific details about your MBA internship before your arrival.

How to support my spouse in a MBA program.

Be flexible, helpful, and stay informed. Read my MBA Life series for more tips. Shameless plug but it's good information.

My husband cheated on me while studying for his MBA.

Yes. This happens a lot I'm afraid. I've heard some crazy stories. I hope you left him. I'm not a forgiver in marriage when it comes to cheating. If it happens, leave. I suggest you get back at him for dating one of his new colleagues if you're the vengeful type but if you're not then move on. You don't need him.


New season of Caillou awful.

Sure is. Totally agree.

Why the f*ck is f*cking caillou such a f*cking bald a** f*ck?

I admit I laughed. I too hate Caillou but you need to calm down. Just change the channel and pretend he doesn't exist. You aren't alone but you do need some chamomile tea or some shizz. Geeze. He isn't real you know. Also? Rosie is far more annoying. Ever notice that?


My child ate sand

Join the club.

Why do parents buy expensive strollers?

In our case it was the features and appearance. The Uppababy is a pretty stroller that's easy to transport and use. Very versatile. Some people use them as status symbols. Not us. We're nice people. Mostly.


Is it suspicious looking for a man to sit in his car at a playground?

YES! Sometimes. Is he eating lunch? Making a phone call? Or is he staring at kids? It's a tough call. You have to go with your instinct. Usually lots of staring, picture-taking, and pretending to call the cops will scare the playground weirdos away.

Why did people stop making butter at home?

I think it might be a "big dairy" conspiracy because there is no good reason to not make butter at home...besides the cost of heavy cream but then again maybe "big dairy" is behind that too?

How much is a petite lap giraffe?

Sexy fantasies from housewife

Using the bathroom alone. Drinking a hot cup of coffee. Sleeping till 10. Husband vacuuming while wearing the children. Sexy.

I'll be back next month with more unsolicited advice.