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Stacey Woods' incredible shoot of her family's visit to see their Momaw in the hospital. Perfectly beautiful. Reminded me of my deceased and beloved Nana and Abuelo. Hope Momaw feels better soon. A Facebook friend introduced me to this photographer and I am in awe. Talented, of course, but with an extraordinary gift at making seemingly ordinary actions seem magical. I know how difficult that is since I often fail miserably at it. This guy is amazing.

tim coulson

Easy strawberry jam. Fabulous way to save all those berries you've been picking. Make some cute jam gifts and give to a neighbor or friend. You'll make their day.

Easy Strawberry Jam


Mexican Street Corn recipe. I can't wait to get to a grill (and by I can't wait I mean I can't wait to ask my husband) and try out this gorgeous recipe. I've never heard of mexican corn before but I have a feeling this will become a regular summer favorite in my house.

Mexican Street Corn

DIY Washi Tape Art. So creative and pretty. I know my attempts at this would be a hot mess but maybe you'd do a better job.

DIY Washi Tape Art

Susannah Conway is talented, kind, and so sweet. I love pretty much everything about her. She kindly shared her book writing process on her blog. It's inspiring and insightful. If you don't know of her click over ASAP. She's an internet treasure.

Susannah Conway How to Write a Book

Paper Coterie is having an incredible sale on their fantastic Daily Documenting Book*. Although my handwriting is atrocious and as fugly as all get out I am ordering one of these. I miss pen and paper sometimes.

paper coterie daily documenting books

This month's BabbaBox was super cute. Preston and I examined different types of seeds with a magnifying glass and are planting them today in the pot we decorated together. Cameron has fun smashing hers and then coloring on the tables with chalk : ) Get 20% off your first BabbaBox*.

BabbaCo BabbaBox

5 DIY Popsicle Recipes to help you beat the heat. Self explanatory but I gathered some of the most delicious and creative popsicle recipes from the blogosphere in to one tidy little post for you.


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