We love the Indianapolis Zoo

Indianapolis is fantastic. We love it here. There is so much to do and see. We finally made it to the Indianapolis Zoo last week and it was phenomenal. The kids and I met up with a few Indiana mom bloggers. Jackie, Sarah, and Katrina and their families. The ladies are yet another reason I like this place. They were friendly, sweet, and so welcoming.

It was fantastic to meet them. I didn't get to chat with them as much as I would have liked since Preston and Cameron were all over the place. It was 90+ degrees outside and I was alone with the kids so I didn't have much leeway for picture taking (hence the shoddy shots) or chatting since I had to keep a close eye on the kids but we had a blast.

Jon Glesing, Director of Public Relations at the Indy Zoo, graciously met with us. He was friendly and welcoming. Unfortunately I couldn't take part in any conversations because Cameron caught sight of the giant Dora sign to her left and kept running away. Jon was speaking with the women about the new Flights of Fancy exhibit.

The kids and I headed in to see the birds without much background information because I needed to move quickly to avoid any toddler meltdowns. It was a fun and unique experience. The kids enjoyed feeding the birds. The exhibits were impressively clean and well maintained. Hopefully when I return later this month I'll be able to catch up and thank Jon personally for the hospitality.

I'm not going to lie. Taking a one and two-year old to the zoo alone in the 90 degree weather was a challenge but it was a pretty pleasant afternoon. The 4D movie was AWESOME. No. I am not exaggerating. If you're in the area you need to check it out for yourself.

We finished off the afternoon in the Zoo splash park. It was Preston's favorite part. We only saw a fraction of what the zoo had to offer. I'm looking forward to visiting again with my husband and in-laws. Hopefully I get some better shots during that visit.


I highly recommend visiting the Indianapolis Zoo. It was a wonderful time and we can't wait to return.



*Disclaimer: The zoo provided us with free seed sticks for our kids and free tickets to the Dora & Diego 4-D adventure movie. I paid for our admission to the zoo and refreshments. The opinions expressed above are honest and not influenced by anyone.