Farewell Ms. Staxx

I'm a dangerously curious person. If I had things my way I'd wander around seedy places for hours, making pictures and crafting stories. I don't have things my way. My husband is constantly begging me to put my camera down when we are driving through questionable neighborhoods. He's convinced people are going to think i'm a cop and ... I don't know. If they think I'm a cop then wouldn't they be more likely to leave me alone? Anyway, I usually respect his wishes.

We drove past the Sunset Strip on our way to Sonic for cherry limeades. I noticed the sign below. Who is Ms Staxx? Where is she going? Why is she leaving Indianapolis? Did they get her a card? Will there be a cake? What kind of cake? A two-day bash for Ms Staxx? She must be special.

I couldn't stop thinking about the sign. On our way to the playground the next day my husband kindly stopped the car so I could get to work.

I tried to get the farewell sign and the Sunset Strip sign in the same shot but I was at a busy intersection with no tripod and a few seconds to work. The kids don't take kindly to playground delays.

This was the best I could do.


Farewell Ms. Staxx.