best time sucking pinterest alternatives for your iPhone


Everyone loves Pinterest. Some enjoy browsing the latest fashions, others use it to find craft inspiration, and many simply enjoy pin after pin of stunning food photography and recipe ideas.

As awesome as Pinterest is it has its limitations. How many chevron stripe inspired pins can one's eyes take? No, I don't want to see your thinspiration pins while I'm shamefully scouring boards for a Nutella mug cake recipe in the middle of the night.

Pinterest is Queen but here are some fantastic alternatives for those times when you're sick of refreshing your feed or seeing Gene Wilder memes.


This app has a beautiful and simple interface. It seems to crash less often than Pinterest which is an added bonus. There is plenty of inspiration and eye candy to keep you busy and distract you from whatever it is you should be doing. In my case that's sleeping. I love that you can log in and save favorites for later reference. It has some great sharing capabilities including Twitter and Facebook but I wish I could share on Pinterest. Yes I have issues.

craftgawker iphone app


The indie marketplace superstar finally released an official app and I think it's close to flawless. You can shop (yes this is dangerous), manage your shop, browse treasuries, and so much more. A procrastinators dream. Etsy has similar sharing capabilities as Craftgawker but unfortunately no pinning ability.

etsy iphone app


Gawkerverse has done it again with another simple, clean, and drool inducing app. Foodgawker is fantastic. All the gorgeous food photography and amazing recipes to try without the pesky bikini body inspiration pins to make you feel guilty. Win.

foodgawker iphone app

Good Housekeeping at Home

This app is a great alternative for those of you that love browsing for decorative inspiration. You can find tons of ideas and spaces categorized by room. There is plenty of lovely photography to feast your eyes on and hundreds of tips for making your living space beautiful. I can definitely see myself spending lots of time on this app in the not too distant future when we *finally* buy a house. It is a great resource for color inspiration and palettes.

good housekeeping iphone app


I absolutely positively insanely ADORE this app. I used to use it on my iPad before the kids commandeered it. It is now available for the iPhone and the new interface is impressive. You can seamlessly browse your Facebook, Twitter, Parenting Magazine, The New Yorker, Forbes (yes I am a nerd), Copyblogger, Etsy, Marie Claire, Dwell, Chow, and on and on. There is a ton of incredible content. You can get lost in Flipboard for hours. Its like the perfect magazine. Curated by you and for you with an endless stream of content.

The app rarely crashes, is free, has a gorgeous interface, and is highly customizable. There s a variety of sharing options too. I am constantly emailing myself material I want to reference later. Flipboard is as awesome as you make it.

flipboard iphone app

What are your favorite Pinterest alternatives?

* All apps & screenshots are via iTunes.