signs of spring

I have lived in the Northeast my entire life. Believe me when I say that I long winters do not faze me. My years in Vermont have ensured that I don't really get to the serious complaining until there is a negative windchill. I still dislike post January 1st winter but after being enveloped by the Lake Champlain wind hundreds of times while walking to our Burlington Vermont apartment, I can take it. This winter has been so insanely mild. There is nothing to complain about. AND!

It is our last winter in Ithaca, NY. We don't dislike it here at all but we do live in a dorm apartment and life is kind of wild at the moment so we are a little more than ready to keep it moving. We do make the best of it though. One of my New Year's resolutions was to spend more time outdoors with the kids even when the weather was not so nice. I am happy to say that I kept my word.

It was about 50 degrees out on Saturday. To a New Englander that is almost short shorts weather (not me since I hate shorts for some reason). So nice BUT there was also this insane 20-30 mph (the Weather Channel alerts said there might be gusts of up to 50 mph) wind that was scaring me. I kept a super grip on the stroller and kept worrying that Preston was going to get blown over. It was nuts. We went for a long walk on campus and looked everywhere for signs of Spring.

Finally we noticed a bunch of students playing a game of soccer in a muddy field. That's a sign of Spring! No one plays soccer in the winter wearing just shorts and a t-shirt. Success! Preston was captivated for about a half hour. He loves sports and is a soccer fan like his father. That very morning he was watching a few UK games in bed with his daddy. We had a great afternoon.

Only 13 days until Spring officially begins. 

I love Green Child Magazine. It is an incredible resource. Grab some coffee and click on over because I am featured today. I am talking about spending time outdoors with the kids and making pine cone bird feeders.


Are you ready for Winter to pack up and leave? What's your favorite part of Spring?