black and white blog circle: a stranger's solitude.

We're back in the United States. The past two weeks were a crazed travel whirlwind. It took me longer than I'd anticipated to adjust to the time difference and I fell off the blog horse. I'm back at it and playing a bit of catch up. I'm about two weeks late for my monthly black and white blog circle post but I couldn't skip a month when I have so much photography goodness lingering on my harddrive.


I don't know this little girl but she entered the frame as I was shooting for a client. I kept shooting because I wondered what she was thinking. She didn't enter the water. She stood still for a long time watching the waves with a calm expression.

I envied her solitude for a moment and then captured a piece of it for myself.

Next up in the circle is LaShawn with a ridiculously cute portrait.