Breastfeeding is not creepy. SHE is.

UK Parenting Magazine Deputy Editor Calls Breastfeeding "Creepy" I am not one of the Lactivists that believes in sweetly bringing people over to my side of the breastfeeding cause.  I am tired of the myth of the "Breastfeeding Nazi" and radical militant Lactivist. Where are these women that are forcing vulnerable new mothers to breastfeed regardless of medical, societal, and personal issues?

Do they have a uniform? Carry weapons? Are they like the Hells Angels of breastfeeding? Do they get jumped into this gang?  
This imaginary woman exists solely in the imaginations of those that feel guilt over their inability or decision not to breastfeed. Their accusations are unfair. 
The myth is used to bully those of us that refuse to allow society to relegate us to the figurative and literal commode to do the most natural and beneficial thing in the world.
Kathryn Blundell is the enemy of breastfeeding. She perpetuates the myth of what she calls the "Milk Mafia". Choosing to formula feed is a personal decision for a woman as is the decision to breastfeed. Along with any personal decision there are facts to either support or refute it. Blundell felt the need to defend herself from the fictitious "Milk Mafia" by choosing to attack mothers and science. The benefits of breast-feeding and the inadequacies of formula are so well documented that I needn't state them.
Blundell feels guilty because she should. The kind of woman who can mention her breasts as they relate to nursing in the same breath as she mentions their use to a former lover is creepy.
Yes. SHE is creepy.
If the pleasure of a man or her reflection in the mirror means more to her than the health of her child then perhaps she was better off with her "fun bags" in a dimly lit bar rather than as the editor of a parenting magazine and mother.
There are women that choose to formula feed for many reasons that are perfectly acceptable by any sane person's reasoning. They include inability to breastfeed due to past sexual abuse and related body issues, medical reasons, lack of support, and many others.  The last thing a woman faced with any of those issues needs is to be lumped into a corner with a selfish creep like Kathryn Blundell.

There is no milk mafia. Blundell is defensive because she knows she is wrong. Formula is not poison but it is far from optimal. Those of us that formula feed (Yes. I currently formula feed but i will expound on that later) are fully aware that what we are providing out children is second to breastmilk. We love our children no less however due to circumstances beyond our control we welcome the second tier nutritional supplement.

There is no milk mafia Kathyrn. You chose not to breastfeed because you care more about yourself than your child. Own it. I can respect honesty even if I vehemently diagree with the message.
Your lies regarding the benefits of breastfeeding do not help your selfish cause. I as a current formula feeder do not want to be associated with women like you. I do what I have to in order to keep my child healthy and thriving not because I am a vain and creepy sensationalist.
YOU are creepy. The Lactimafia Don has spoken.