Addicted to the Farmers' Market

My husband, son, and I visit the Burlington Farmers' Market every Saturday morning. We are total creatures of habit. Our regular booty includes Diggers' Mirth Arugula (Best Arugula in Vermont). 

I know this is admitting that we are total yuppie weirdos but this arugula is out of control. 
I've never tasted anything like it before. We talk about it way too much around here and eat it almost everyday. 

At last week's market I professed our love to the woman working at the stand. I think she thought I was insane. Who is such a huge fan of friggen greens? 

Anyway I am and I even took a (pretty crappy) picture when I brought them home. 

There they are nestled beautifully between local collard greens & cilantro. If you live near Burlington, Vermont check out the Diggers' Mirth stand at the Farmers' Market. You won't regret it.