Wake up, Wake up, Wake up - It's the 1st of the month

Im going to kick ass in July. I can feel it. I swear. 

Here are my goals:

  • Get my drivers license. Okay I am not going to get my license this month but I am going to renew my permit and practice driving. I will! 
  • Try a new vegetable. There are more options out there other than arugula. 
  • Make tamales. I love tamales. The tamale girl has left the Burlington Farmers' Market. She lives in New Zealand now or something (BOOO come back). Im feening and need to learn to make tamales immediately. 
  • Color my hair. I have been putting it off for weeks. I cannot find the extra three hours to sit still and have my hair done. That is a lot of time! But I am going light and looking for work as a part time untalented Beyonce impersonator. 
  • Fully organize my kitchen cabinets. It needs to be done and I am continuing my "Off the/my can by 2011" campaign. I need to continue to work hard on eliminating any canned food from my house and it will help to know what is hiding behind my unexplainable bizarro canned refried bean stash.
Nothing major planned. This is all do-able. I am hoping you all hold me accountable.
What do you have planned for July? What new vegetable do you suggest?
And if you ask why I do not have my license I will cut you!
The picture below was me on 4th of July TWO years ago. 
People: I do not look like that anymore.
Mini Goal: Exercise again! Do one squat a day. I think I can handle that :)