Breastfeeding Lies & The UK Writer That Tells Them

I do not post about the breastfeeding wars with much frequency because to be frank I find them ridiculous.

My last post on the topic addressed UK writer Kathryn Blundell's comments that referred to breastfeeding as creepy. 

Many bloggers debated whether Supermodel Giselle's declaration that "there should be a worldwide law that mothers should breastfeed their babies for six months" harmed or helped the Lactivist movement. I did not have much to say on the topic. Giselle annoys me. As a non-native speaker of English myself I brush many of her mangled quotes aside as the random ramblings of an idiot that are lost in translation. 
I know. I'm harsh. Admit it: she annoys you too!

Giselle's comments stem from a good place in my opinion. As a new mother she seems in awe that something natural could have such an amazing effect on her child. It appears that she simply wishes that all women had the opportunity to provide for their children what she did. Or I could be wrong. As a self-proclaimed and mail order certificate certified super genius it is difficult for me to ascertain exactly what is going on in a Supermodel's head even if I do pretend to be a midget one myself. 

Lara Williams, a columnist for the UK Guardian, proclaims:

Reasons not to breastfeed vary from mothers experiencing discomfort and bleeding nipples to simply finding the whole thing a bit icky. Breast milk formula is getting closer and closer to having the same nutritional properties as breast milk, and it could be argued that it is more or less equal. Formula benefits include not subjecting the mother to "latch on" pain and for the child not to suffer through the repercussions of a bad diet 

Sorry Gisele, breast is not always best

She links to several shady studies (which she probably conducted in her own basement) as proof of her credibility however anyone in possession of an iota of common sense can tell that Williams' statement is a joke. 

Nobody in their right mind can argue that formula is equal to breast milk and no study ever conducted has proven that a mother's milk when produced while consuming a "poor diet" is more harmful than formula. 

I have been wondering for some time whether women like Lara Williams use the "mommy wars" and breastfeeding debates as fodder to generate attention for themselves. It seems to be such an easy target. I am a perfect example. Here I am paying attention to an inconsequential writer that does not believe in fact checking.

Is bashing breastfeeding & other parenting choices the new (albeit extremely modest and much more boring) sex tape? 

Will it buy women desperate for attention a few minutes of fame? 

I am hoping that perhaps my fantastical idea is a new fad because if it isn't I am worried. 

How many women this stupid are there out in the world?