CrunchyVTMommy's Beauty Basics

I love discussing, purchasing, sniffing, and sampling beauty products. I could do it all day and never get bored. The odd thing is that I do not veer too much from my staples. You might find some of my regular use favorites really boring but here goes:

Cargo Liquid Liner in Black
This product reminds me of a very thin non irritating Sharpie type marker for one's eyelids. A tube of this liner lasts forever; approximately six months. The liner washes off easily. 

It is not waterproof (I do not like how difficult waterproof products are to remove) but I have never had an issue with it disappearing or rubbing off. I have very sensitive skin and this product has never irritated me. 
Nars Blush: Orgasm
I hate admitting that I have been using this for over seven years. It has become SUCH a cliche. Drake even rapped about it. Ick. (Note: Find a new blush - Deep Throat is pretty good but a little too peachy). 

This is the perfect color for nearly everybody. It looks completely natural and lasts all day

Anastasia Brow Gel (Clear)
This product changed my life. I have crazy eyebrows that stick straight up in the air. This gel has put a stop to that. It seems like an unnecessary product but believe me it isn't. 

It used to drive me nuts when I would look in the mirror and see my eyebrows sticking straight up in the air. I looked like Grover from Sesame Street. It was horrible.
Cargo OneBase Concealer + Foundation in One
I am a parent which means that I am always tired. Cargo has made the perfect product to disguise this. One can use this product anywhere but I primarily use it in the undereye area. It covers zits really well too.  

It is velvety, never cakes, and lasts all day long. I have been using this for over three years and have no intention of ever I have jinxed myself. Watch it get discontinued. I will DIE!
Andrea modlash 33
After spending over $25 on yet another disappointing tube of mascara (I believe the final straw was LashFusion) I decided to give fake eyelashes a try. I LOVE THEM. I wear them all the time and try to wear them everyday. 

It is difficult right now because my huge belly prevents me from getting close enough to the mirror to find my lash line (I am blind without my glasses). I get a lot of compliments and find fake eyelashes to be way lower maintenance than mascara. 

I use Ardell Duo Eyelash Adhesive in Dark Tone to keep my eyelashes on. It is waterproof and powerful. I havent lost an eyelash yet!
Skinceuticals Ultimate UV Defense SPF 30
I use this as a moisturizing sunblock everyday. I wear sunblock year round. It is incredibly important to me. Skin cancer is scary. Also why encourage wrinkles! I do not have a single line on my face despite a few sunburns in my lifetime. 

I am disturbing proud of my lineless face and have sunblock to thank for it. I love wearing this product because it feels like a lightweight lotion yet offers fabulous sun protection.

Please share your favorites. I love trying out new products and it is time to replenish my stash!