Countdown To Baby: 4+/- Weeks To Go

I am exactly a month and four days away from my estimated due date. It seems so close yet it is so far away. I have to admit that I am at my wit's end. It seems that no one has anything to say to me that is not related to pregnancy.

I have blogged about it before: Things You Should Never Say To A Pregnant Maniac It sucks to bring up anything negative related to pregnancy as I know how fortunate I am. I am reminded every time I look at P but let's be real: people can be total asshats. I know I am huge and I do not want you standing around me telling me just how massive I currently am. Thank you for noticing but believe me I do not want to hear it especially at work. From now on I will not discuss my pregnancy with anyone unless I feel comfortable doing so (not you guys but creepy old men that ask me whether I can't wait to have "my old body" back). I think that is fair.

Aside from the second degree burn on my stomach (boiling water incident) that I have been whining about I am feeling pretty good. Sleeping well, handling teething toddler tornado as best as I can, and kicking ass at work.

This has been my summer of procrastination. I still have new cloth diapers to order, a bedroom to decorate and organize, and a car seat to buy. I guess I am pretty lame these days but at my current size it is hard to have a lot of fight left in me.