Caillou. Banned.

calliou Caillou is a douche. There I said it. You know you have been thinking it. I did you a favor. Don't judge me. I banned him from my household. I could not stand the whining anymore.

I am not opposed to allowing my children to watch some carefully selected television. Key words: carefully selected - the other day I was mindlessly flipping channels while P played nearby and a Mob Wives commercial came on, the chicks were fighting and P started yelling PUNCH!PUNCH! and began toddler shadowboxing. It was terrible.

Sometimes I absolutely need to distract P with the television in order to take care of C. I think PBS is wonderful and P is allowed to watch all of their programming. Except Caillou. No more Caillou.

I did not introduce P to Caillou. It came on after Curious George or something and he became interested immediately. I asked him why he liked Caillou so much and he told me: "Daddy. Tools. Rocket ship. Blast off".

It makes perfect sense. P is a total boy and is currently super into tools and outer space. The opening sequence is what lures him in with that pretty rocket ship they show catapulting into space (do things catapult into space? I believe they launch. Whatever).

What P doesn't know is that Cailliou is an obnoxious whiny little douche. I do not like how he pouts, whines, and pronounces his Ls. I used to think that everyone that disliked Caillou was completely out of their minds. Its a cartoon how bad can it be? BAD. Little dude needs some boundaries. His parents allow him to run a-douchey-mok.

One thing I will miss is the frumpy mom. She always made me feel hot but apparently according to a Twitter friend she is pregnant. So now I just feel like an ass for comparing myself to a pregnant cartoon in order to feel better about my sloppy ass self.

No more Caillou. That is all.

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