Stream of Consciousness Sunday: New Surroundings

It feels so strange to be blogging again. I cannot believe it has been so long. Okay it hasn't been months or anything but for some reason it sure feels like it. I guess I missed you guys. I am trying to get back on track and thought a Stream of Consciousness post would do the trick. SOC is one of my favorite memes. Head over to all.things.fadra and check out Fadra's post. If you would like to participate here are the rules: write for five minutes only, no proofreading, editing, or spell checking, grab the SOC badge from Fadra's site, publish your post on your blog, link up on all.things.fadra and visit the other SOC bloggers.

Do it. It feels good. : )


My family has relocated to Ithaca, NY. My husband is attending Cornell's Johnson School of Business. He is now officially and MBA student and I couldn't possibly be any happier for him. We live in student housing which as you can imagine is somewhat of a challenge. It requires a lot of flexibility and creativity on all of our parts.

The apartment is tiny but it works for us. There is a ton to do but it will eventually get done. I am trying my absolue hardest not to stress out about the fact that I need to clean this place top to bottom, babyproof everything since C is mobile and way more mischevious than P ever was, unpack everything, spend significant time away from my husband, wtc.

His first trip is on Tuesday only four days after our arrival. I do not know anyone here, I haven't yet gotten my license (i know. i know.), the place is not as clean as I would like it and we have yet to finish unpacking.

We feel very fortunate to be here and life is great. Stress isn't helpful but is unavoidable. I am truing to keep it to a minimum and keep chugging along.

Anyway I am not sure what I will do with my blog since well I no longer live in Vermont but I hope you stay tuned for our new adventures.

cornell weekend

Have a wonderful Sunday.

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