Clickinmoms First Annual Clickinwalk. Rochester, NY.

In typical crazy lady fashion I volunteered to lead this year's first annual clickinwalk in Rochester, New York. As you know I am new to the area and know no one outside of Cornell peeps and Monique. I volunteered to lead the walk and Monique graciously co-led. We had a small group RSVP and an even smaller group show up but I was totally okay with that. Monique and I had our children, have a tendency to be shy around strangers, and didn't know what to expect so a small group was okay with us. Of course I didn't sleep the night before, was running late, and got my group lost in the sweltering heat in a tinkle scented neighborhood with my bootleg GPS app. Of course! Despite the long walk in the heat with our kids we had a great time. We met at the incredible the George Eastman House, International Museum of Photography (I have no idea why we didn't take more pictures there. The gardens were breathtaking) and walked to Dinosaur BBQ for a fabulous lunch.

It was a truly fantastic day.

cmoneycute catchairpretty flower daddy and pweezy ghost

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