Mom Bloggers: Y'all been eating long enough now. Stop being greedy.

I know I am stuck in the 90s and showing my age but I love DMX. 'Stop being greeedy' popped up on my woefully neglected iPhone playlist and it reminded me of a few mom bloggers.  The lyrics that jarred my memory are:

Y'all been eatin' long enough now. Stop Being Greedy. Keep it real partna'. Give to the needy. Ribs is touchin'. So don't make me wait. F*** around and I'm gon' bite you & snatch the plate.

This post is not directed at any one person in particular.

I have been blogging for a little over a year and during this time I have made some pretty fantastic friends. I've had the good fortune of falling into a supportive group (tribe as the bloggy people call it). Other women have not been so lucky. I see women writing and posting and hoping to grow their audiences. Many are producing quality content yet not reaching their goals. Some women hope for syndication on Blogher and others dream of working with brands. Everyone has a different definition of blogging success.

If your definition of blogging success includes reviewing Ford Explorers and your blogging "bestie" has done so recently has she shared her "secret" with you? Did she offer you a contact? Did she respond to your numerous requests for advice on how to grow your blog so that you too can one day be offered enviable opportunities? If you answered no to any of the above questions then your blogging bestie is a greedy hoarder.

I am not a "big" blogger. I am more of a spectator. I know genuinely cool women that would kill for some of the opportunities the "big" bloggers are routinely offered yet cannot figure out how to reach the next blogging level. Why don't their friends offer tips or advice? Why do they feign ignorance and pretend the Whirpool Duet fell in their lap? Oh, so you just found that Boon high chair?

I've never been one of those women that feels I should blindly support any and all women in any endeavor just because I am a member of the sisterhood. I do believe in being a nice person and helping others when possible. Sharing is the right thing to do, it feels great, and is just good business sense. If you don't help others why should anyone help you? If you don't enjoy watching others succeed what kind of person are you? You tell your kids to share. So why don't you?

You all know who you are.

Stop being greedy.

You never know. Someday your blogging "bestie" might blow up, f*** around, bite you, and snatch your plate...or your Epiphanie bag.

OH and DMX dm'd me. I can die happy.

DMX Twitter

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