Cmoney 7 Month Milestones

My baby girl is HUGE. 21 pounds and 27 inches according to the pediatrician. She had her six month check up yesterday (a little late. She will be seven months old in three days.) and she is as healthy as can be. She has recently started feasting on some solids but I am taking it easy and making a slow transition due to her size. She isn't starving so there is no rush. According to BabyCenter this is what The Marshmallow Princess should be up to.

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

Sits without support, Drags objects toward herself

C can sit up but sometimes gets super excited and starts bounding up and down so fast that she falls backwards. I keep a pillow or Boppy there so she lands on it when she falls. Other than that she is sitting up well.

She is into EVERYTHING and loves bringing items closer toward herself.

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

Lunges forward or starts crawlingJabbers or combines syllables, Starts to experience stranger anxiety

C does lunge forward and can crawl backwards a  little bit but nothing too crazy. She never sits still or stays in the same place. She gets around the room by scooting somehow.

She says dada and appears to be working on other words as well. C is a total chatterbox. It is super cute.

She is not fond of strangers and is usually not too thrilled to be away from me. I am totally okay with this since P was always more attached to his father when he was a baby. It is nice to be wanted!

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)

Waves goodbye, Stands while holding onto something, Bangs objects together, Begins to understand object permanence

C definitely does not wave goodbye at anyone. She does flail her arms about but I do not think she is greeting anyone or saying goodbye. I think I would find that slightly freaky.

She cannot stand on her own for more than five seconds. Maybe she is too fat? It's okay though I am in no rush.

C LOVES banging things together and making noise. Her favorite instruments are the tambourine and maracas. She has a blast smacking the tambourine with the maraca. It is so cute.

I have no idea whether she understands object permanence or not but she does seem to remember where toys are located even if out of sight. I will have to pay closer attention.

What C is into:

Music: Elmo. Her entire face lights up when she hears "Lalalala lalalala Elmo's world". It is so cute.

Food: She is loving her pears.

Toy: The remote control of course. She actually cries if you try to take it away. C is not much of a crier so you know she must LOVE that remote.

baby messbaby smilingbaby mess toy hippo

What are your kids up to this month?


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