Pweezy's April Toddler Milestones

I skipped a month! Argh. The kids have been up to a lot. They are growing up so quickly and they are so much fun. P is now 21 months old. Almost old enough for golf lessons which I am incredibly excited about. According to BabyCenter here is what Pweezy should be up to:

21 Month Milestones

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

Can walk up stairs, Able to set simple goals (e.g., deciding to put a toy in a certain place).

P can definitely do both of these things although we are not too fond yet of letting him walk up the stairs. We have A LOT of stairs in our apartment (the bedrooms are on the second floor) and we are not yet confident enough in his abilities to allow him to walk up alone but he can and tries. Often.

He also sets and follows through with small goals. He likes to put his toys away especially in unconventional places so that only he is able to locate them.

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

Throws a ball overhand, Kicks ball forward, Stacks six blocks.

P has been throwing balls overhand since at least a year old. I am not exaggerating. He sleeps with a football, soccer ball, and/or basketball every night. Usually only one of the balls suffices but some nights he sleeps with all three.

It is pretty cute when he wakes his father up at 7 a.m. saying "snuggle?" holding all three balls at the same time. Actually it is more than cute it is hilarious. A little disturbing too. I wonder if all kids are a little obsessed with something.

Same with kicking balls. P has been doing that since about sixteen months old. His soccer skills are ridiculous. His father watches the UK soccer matches every once in a while and he must have picked it up from there because I certainly didn't teach him.

We have blocks and use them from time to time but I have never counted the number of blocks that P is able to stack at once. This one is a "I think so".

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)

Names simple picture in a book, Can walk down stairs.

I sound like a show off but I don't care. I am proud of my boy :) Seriously though P can name nearly every picture in any book you present to him. He is fantastic with his flashcards too. We FINALLY were able to sort out the differences between giraffes and horses but are having issues with jaguar versus tiger.

P can walk down a few stairs but not well. He falls at the last step  and is definitely not ready to be walking down the stairs on his own yet.

What P is into right now:

Ice Cream: P loves ice cream. Shocker! Any kind will do. Lucky for him mommy just got an ice cream maker.

Soulja Boy: Very annoying but Crank That by Soulja Boy is still his favorite song. It is Dance Central's fault. I spent a few weeks trying to master this level and during that time P grew very fond of this awful song.

Balls: Golf, tennis, basketball, football, soccer ball, bowling ball, play doh ball. Balls. All balls. We have SO many balls.

Sister: P loves C. She is learning how to crawl and if she gets herself into a pickle P will come running to me and tell me that "sister needs help. crying. crawling". It is very sweet and helpful. When he wakes up in the morning he greets her with "Morning! Sister wake up!" I love it. It never fails to make me smile.

21 months is a super fun age.

What are your kids up to right now?

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