Countdown To Baby: 10+/- Days To Go

I am done. It happened today at about 6:30 PM while enjoying some fine cuisine at Chili's. I am ready to not be pregnant anymore. It is that time when I start feeling as if I want to hop out of my skin and run down the street like a creepy skeleton (xylophone music would be playing because according to Homer Simpson that is the kind of music that skeletons dance to).

I don't know why. The feeling crept upon me quite suddenly. I was sitting there enjoying my chicken crispers and BAM I wanted to rip my clothes off, hop in bed, roll around, and cry. The feeling has passed somewhat but I am totally ready. I just do not like being in public/around people when I feel this way. I feel large, awkward, big nosed, unkempt, sloppy, and on and on. Enough whining. Thanks for listening.

On a more serious note I have allowed my nemesis - guilt - to creep in. I cannot stop thinking about how P will be affected by the appearance of a newborn in the house. I wish I could explain it to him. It is unlikely that his reaction will be drastic but I just feel a tremendous amount of guilt for changing his life completely without giving him an adequate heads up. I know it sounds ridiculous and guilt is the enemy of sensible thinking. Now that I have ranted I will force myself to stop feeling guilty since the feeling is anything but productive. Thanks for bearing with me.

I will look on the bright side: There is no way that I will be pregnant forever. The end is near.

It HAS to be. 

Hard to believe that this was only 14 months ago & that we will have another little baby in the house any day now